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About The Estate

Planetrees is more than an accommodation choice – it has been created to foster your wellbeing through calming and private surrounds, creative and quality decor, landscaped gardens, luxurious facilities and simple natural beauty.

Planetrees Estate is the vision of a passionate owner, architect and garden designer who took ownership of the property in 2008.

Genevieve’s family have lived in this region for more than 6 generations since the days of the 1850’s Gold Rush when her forefathers established newspapers that operated here until 2006. The spirit, character and commitment to this region resonates deep in Genevieve’s heart and is key to her inspiration for creating Planetrees.

It gives me great pleasure to share with our guests the joys of nature and the special magic and the abundance that is Planetrees and North-East Victoria.

The property lies within an amphitheatre of State eucalypt forest on the edge of the charming, historic, gold mining hamlet of Stanley, a plateau, 8kms from Beechworth. Stanley is renowned now for high quality agriculture; timber, apples, pears, nuts and berries.
The sub-alpine landscape (at 700m altitude) enjoys the unfolding beauty of four distinct seasons and attracts many garden enthusiasts. The forests offer picturesque walks, abundant native life and challenging on and off-road cycling.
The Lodge began life as a simple, hand-crafted timber cabin. The log and earth construction has the impression of a traditional “mountain lodge” reflecting the timber milling origins of the property. It has since enjoyed an extensive makeover to create this luxury, self- contained retreat incorporating all modern conveniences and an interior design that plays between being rural and contemporary. It is quirky, comfortable and original.
The Arts Suite occupies a section of the main house building that was created in the style of a Tuscan farm house. This building, made from rare recycled material including 50cm deep timer bridge beams from the Nagambi bridge, windows and doors from the old Narandra maternity hospital and bricks and other materials salvaged from the demolition of other rare buildings is again unique. Recently upgraded and renovated this building also offers all the modern comforts in a stylish, sophisticated accommodation. The owner has decorated this space with quality fabrics and papers brought from France and original artworks by some of the region’s most celebrated artists.
The forests around Planetrees provide habitat to exotic native animals (stunning birds, echidnas, koalas, wombats, wallabies, lizards and more.) Our resident mini dachshund, Zsa Zsa ensures you receive a very warm welcome!

The Garden

The grounds of Planetrees began in 2009 as a depleted clay site with no top soil, no landscaped structure and few trees. Today this exhibition garden showcases more than 350 mostly deciduous trees and many others that are productive (olives, citrus and fruit). A large vegetable garden offers guests the opportunity to pick fresh produce and herbs in season.

Plane Trees Estate - The Garden - Full Bloom

The garden, inspired by the European gardens of Genevieve’s travels, comprises a series terraces and “rooms” defined by bold hedges. The beds showcase many rare and exotic plants presented in dense perennial borders arranged to celebrate colour, texture and scent in every season. The garden is visited by many garden groups and is open to the public bi- annually.

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The Natural Swimming Pool

Planetrees’ natural pool blends seamlessly with the pristine nature of the Estate. Set within a large private, (fenced) garden the pool is surrounded by wide lawns and edged with beautiful trees and beds of exotic flowers.A generous deck on one end overhangs the pool and lends a feeling of being surrounded by the water park. Admire the beautiful lilies, irises and bull rushes. At eye-level follow the darting dragon flies and birds that play in the shallows. Come evening, you will be serenaded by the frogs in full song.

The pool is a year-round pleasure. Each season brings another special experience. In cooler months take to a lounge on the deck with a book and a wine. Wrap up in a blanket and enjoy the peace and flow of nature that surrounds you. In summer it’s time to raise the red umbrella on the deck and dip into the pristine waters – 2 meters deep. Sit on the wall in the water and chat with friends. Take a gentle swim and admire the water lilies along the sides. You will feel like you are immersed in a Monet painting!

The concept of natural pools was pioneered in Europe and has become a hugely popular alternative around the world to chemical and salt pools. Unlike the former, the natural pool requires only rare and little chemical balancing to assist the organic self-cleansing system.

Inspired by a freshwater lake, this pool is filled with low-nutrient, natural water covering the swim area and flooding into a beautifully planted regeneration zone that is a self-modifying, organic system. A phosphorous pump and carbonators keep the water moving, aerated and filtered maintaining the pool’s self- cleansing properties.

Planetrees’ pool was designed and created under the agency of German company, Biotop, who have been leaders in this field for over 25 years. This was their first pool created in Australia.

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