Terms and Conditions

DefinitionsThe property means Planetrees Estate: its buildings, contents, grounds, facilities, fixtures, fittings and equipment and the operating personnel.

Acceptance of these Terms and Conditions – Receipt of a deposit implies the person(s) making the booking understand(s) and accepts in full the following Terms and Conditions.


Planetreesbusiness relies on advance bookings taken on a first come basis secured by deposit payments.  While we make every effort to keep calendars of agencies’ other sites up to date the booking schedule maintained by Planetrees Management is the final word in regard to confirmed bookings. Be sure to check with us to confirm availability and prices

We have a two-night minimum stay and three-night minimum for peak* holiday periods.

Bookings are fully confirmed only when the deposit has been received.  The deposit is 50 per cent of the total booking value. The balance including the bond as specified on your invoice is payable nearer the time of your stay by the date noted on the invoice. (Other web agency bookings have their own payment arrangements.)

Peak booking periods* –  include but are not limited to Xmas, Easter, New Year, Melbourne Cup weekend, public holiday weekend (VIC and NSW), Anzac Day weekend and major festival event weekends. 


Your invoice details all the payment information.  We accept payments by direct debit and Visa or MasterCard. Credit card payments incur a surcharge to cover bank fees (as noted on your invoice).  We are not able to accept payment by cheque.

Bookings must be paid in full prior to your arrival (inclusive of the bond) by the due dates noted on your invoice. Payments made within one week after the due date will incur an additional administration charge equivalent of 5% of the booking value. If your booking is not paid in full (including the bond) within two weeks of your proposed arrival, we reserve the right to cancel your booking and to retain your deposit. Bookings must be collected and paid by one source (i.e. not multiple persons)who is the primary contact for all correspondence and arrangements.

The bond – is a security payment taken prior to your arrival to cover any unreasonable damage or loss resulting from your occupation of the property.  This includes but is not limited to loss or damage to the buildings, furniture, furnishings, fixtures, fittings and equipment of the property. Damage to the grounds, garden plantings, the pool; its structure and its ecosystem. Damage or liability caused to neighbouring properties, their animals and their infrastructure.


We will make every effort to accommodate changes to bookings where this is possible.  However, the following policy applies for amendments, cancellations and/or rescheduling of bookings:

All changes to bookings must be notified to Planetrees in writing via the email to planetrees@me.com. The date applied to the change will be the date of the email.

Change to the number of nights and/or numbers of guests and cancellations

All bookings may be increased in the number of people and or days booked at any time, pending availability.

  1. Standard booking dates

Bookings made for standard dates may be cancelled, amended or rescheduled without penalty, up to 60 days prior to the original arrival date. For amended bookings the number of guests, number of nights and minimum value of the booking must meet our respective minimum booking terms.

For amendments made to bookings within the 60-day period the full value of the original booking will remain payable. Within this period, bookings cannot be rescheduled to other dates unless the modifications are minor changes. Bookings that are cancelled within this period will forfeit the whole value of the booking.

  1. Peak booking amendments

Peak bookings have fixed rates irrespective of the number of people staying. Changes are not accepted for peak period bookings within 90 days of the original arrival date. The cancellation of a peak bookings within this time frame will incur the full cost of the original value of the booking.

Changes increasing the number of nights or numbers of guests are available for these bookings at the current rates, pending availability.

Early vacation of the property – If guests vacate the property for any reason prior to the originally approved departure date no financial compensation will be due to be paid by Planetrees Management.

 WARNING – Additional guests who stay but are not notified to the owner prior to the booking arrival date will be charged at the given rate plus $50 admin fee for each additional guest.  This will be deducted from the bond.

Planetrees managedment does not offer the option for guests to bring their own additional temporary beds, linen etc.  Porta cots may be brought with the prior permission of Planetrees management.

WARNING Supervision of Children and Animals – Planetrees Estate is not fully fenced. The adjacent property has an unfenced dam and others properties nearby have animals. Children (12 years and under) and animals must be supervised by adult guests at all times including at the swimming pool. (Dogs are not allowed in the swimpond garden at anytime). Planetrees does not accept any responsibility for accidents or damage to children or pets.

Dogs accompanying guests.  Guests must obtain written approval from Planetrees management for dogs to accompany their stay prior to bringing the dog(s). We welcome small (<8 kgs), well-behaved dogs that have current vaccination papers. A per night rate charge is made for each dog staying.

By bringing a dog(s) to Planetrees the dog owners accept full responsibility for keeping their dog(s) within our property boundaries and within their sight at all times. At no time can dogs be left unattended at Planetrees. Dogs are not allowed in the swimpond garden.

Any damage or loss resulting from the misbehaviour of pets will be at the cost of the pet owner to rectify. The management of Planetrees reserves the right to have any dog(s) removed to kennels or elsewhere if they have not been approved for the booking prior to the stay or if the dog(s) are deemed unsuitable for the property.

Inappropriate behaviour – Planetrees management reserves the right to evict any or all guests from the property in the event of inappropriate behaviour by guests or their animals without penalty to Planetrees management.  Rare circumstances that may prompt such action include (but is not limited to), risk of damage to the property, unreasonable disruption to amenity of others on the property and/or neighbours or risk to public safety. In that event there will be no refund payable for any part of the booking value.

* Peak time bookings include Easter, long weekends (VIC or NSW), Xmas and NY, Melbourne Cup weekend and any other public holiday.

These terms and conditions apply irrespective of the cause of the rescheduling or cancellation.

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